August 15, 2019

Some common sense about glass bottles

Now more and more people choose to use glass bottles to fill with wine, liquor,water, oil and other liquid. Some common sense is needed when buying glass bottles.

Firstly, material for glass bottles. There are three materials: crystal white material, Highly white material and normal white material. Secondly, shape and volume of the glass bottles. This factor will decide if the glass bottle factory need make new mold. If new mold is made, the mold cost will be paid by you, which is a cost. Then weight of the glass bottle is also important. The thickness of the glass bottle depends on the weight of material. So it should be considered according to the usage of the glass bottles. The last is the delivery time. Ordinarily it takes about 10 days. If new mold is made, it may take about 15 days.

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